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Actor Branding Services

Are you an actor who needs more exposure? Do you need a beautiful website to point interested people to? Do you need a resume overhaul? How about an exciting reel to show off your best work? Then you need me! 


I'm Kris Roberts, a Broadway actor/singer/dancer in New York City with an eye for design and a branding business plan. I would love to consult with you to design an entire website or a video reel for you to send to Casting Directors and others interested in your talent. I've helped many people find their brand and build a beautiful tool that they can get hired directly from! 


Below is a list of services I provide with a no-nonsense affordable price list that beats prices all over town! All work can be completed remotely, so no need to meet in person if one of us is out of town! Let's get started today with making you stand out! 

Reel Editing

If you are a film actor, you know the importance of reels. But Musical Theatre actors need them as well. In an increasingly digital world, casting is fast paced, and if you are out of town but still want to be considered for a project, sending a video of your best singing and dancing clips can get you the job! I have created amazing reels for clients from existing footage that they can share with friends and industry alike. If you have a collection of clips of you on YouTube or unedited files, I can put them all together in a visually pleasing and free-flowing way. Contact me to see what we can create for you!

*I edit Film Reels as well!


Website Creation

To be competitive today in ANY field, you MUST have a website! We will have an initial consult where we will discover your brand, including colors, style, key brand words, impact, and content. We will work together to make sure your website represents YOU and your brand perfectly. Casting Directors expect you to have a website where they can find out more about you, so let's get started on getting you out there!


Resume Editing

If you find that you are getting typed out of roles you're right for, or missing out on submission appointments that you know are meant for you, your resume may be to blame! Let me reformat your resume so that it is pleasing to the eye, and work with you to add information that may be missing or beneficial. No more worrying about what to include on your resume or what order to list your roles or categories. I have helped clients find a cleaner look with the most relevant information up front. When you spend so much money on your beautiful headshots, invest some into the back as well!


Business Card Design

Networking actors need business cards for when you can't carry around headshots/resumes! If you need help with branding and formatting, I can work with you to find your brand colors, pick the right headshot(s), fonts, etc and format them in a visually pleasing way.


Karaoke Accompaniment Tracks/Music Editing

If you need to send a video submission of a song but don't want to pay for a piano accompanist, I can help. I create custom karaoke tracks edited with your exact music cut! This way, you will always have your music cut on mp3 and will be able to send a submission without hiring someone to play for you and having to coordinate times, etc. 


*To create karaoke track, the orignal song must already exist in a recording. 

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the track!



Do you have a physical script that needs transcribing into a digital copy? I will create an editable document as well as a PDF file for you of any physical document you need re-typed. Helpful when you have purchased one copy of a script that you need to reformat and distribute to cast members.


*Prices vary depending on length ie. one scene versus an entire play, etc.  


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What Clients are Saying...

"I love the reel Kris made for me. She's so great to work with. She really listened to my ideas and ultimately created the greatest representation of who I am as a performer. And the best part is that it's all my original footage, not some basic format that every other actor has. It's unique to me. I love that reel and I honestly use it all the time."

-Valton Jackson

Musical Theatre Reel Client



"The website is great! Exactly what I wanted, simple and clean!"

-Tony Melson



"You are so amazing! Thank you so much for doing amazing work!!!"

-Sheniqua Trotman

Musical Theatre Reel Client



"Awesome! Thanks very much, it looks great. The PDF is perfect!"

-Chris Gwynn

Resume Editing Client

Pay by PayPal or Venmo!

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